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Why are there no photos of you all? Why only those little drawings?

I have been in the entertainment industry for going on thirty years now. Abigail for just over twenty and Juan for nearly fifteen.

We made a conscious choice to make sure we are not in any way the center or focus of attention.

We are living in a world where everyone wants to be a celebrity or a star. None of us want that. What we want is to make our writers and their projects the focus of all the attention.

Are you a self publishing company? If so then how come I can't work with you?

We actually aren't a self publishing company. Neither are we a company that does what has come to be known as collaborative publishing.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with publishing your book by yourself and there are many fine companies who can help you do that.

However, we are in fact a traditional publishing house. We are a new company and we have all agreed upon the idea that even as we grow we will limit the amount of books we publish a year.

When we are ready to open up for new submissions we will let the writing community know.

Do you offer consulting or reviewing services for new writers?

No. While we appreciate the need writers have for feedback and professional insight we are all very busy focusing on the few titles we are currently developing.

We do not feel comfortable taking fees to read novels or scripts from writers we either can't devote our time to or help.

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